Projects > Eclipsing Justice, Or, How We Forgot Justice And No-One Noticed

This videos was commissioned for the project Cultural Engineering is a long-term project in which local media artists document and respond both critically and artistically to the Arts Court Redevelopment Project as it unfolds from 2015 – 2017,

This is the curatorial statment of the piece:
Guillermo Trejo has always been intrigued by the Justitia bas-relief at the entrance to SAW Gallery, not only because it is an interesting artwork but also because it seems to be lost in time and space. A lot people he has spoken to about it had not even noticed that it was there. The idea for this project was to make its existence evident, ironically by covering it up. At the same time, the video makes a larger comment about the current state of justice, as it often looks like it has also been forgotten.